Strain and its importance

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Heart Rate can give you false comfort even if you have high strain and will also prevent a fit person from pushing themselves just because their heart rate is high.

‘Strain’ measures the amount of Oxygen deprivation experienced by the heart muscles. A high value of Strain for prolonged periods of time can cause damage to your heart cells. Exercising at an intensity causing high Strain is not recommended and in the long term may lead to serious heart conditions.

The Frontier X2 measures these changes in your ECG and provides your Strain values in real-time on our app. It also warns you with a double-vibration alert if you cross your pre-set threshold, helping you exercise at an exercise intensity that is safe for your heart. This alert can tell you whether you should finish the last lap, run that extra mile, do those last few push-ups, or just give your heart a rest.

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