What is your policy for FSA/HSA?

Fourth Frontier

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We may support FSA / HSA. By interacting with some of our existing users, we found that the Frontier X product can be covered by FSA / HSA. We regret not having the FSA authorization from the US yet, but one of our users who has used HSA to purchase our product has provided some valuable feedback:

“I felt that if my medical insurance would be willing to pay for a Holter Monitor, they should be willing to pay for an FX! So rather than jump through all of the hoops and paperwork I'd have to do, for a product that is not yet medically approved/licensed, I decided to buy an FX myself and charge it to my Health Savings Account.

When trying to purchase and charge the FX on my Optum debit card, the $500 was denied (possibly because Fourth Frontier is not a recognized or approved product/service). So, I then just purchased the FX with my personal credit card, and reimbursed myself from my Optum HSA after filling out an online form explaining what and why the FX was needed. Having included the receipt of payment, the expense was approved and the reimbursement was received a day later. This whole process all happened within 24 hours”.

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