What do the LED lights on the Frontier X2 mean?

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​If your device is:

BLINKING BLUE: The Frontier X2 is not connected to anything else and is currently transmitting Bluetooth looking for connections. If this is happening, make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your phone/external HRM and try again to connect by clicking the “Connect” button in the Frontier X App.

BLINKING GREEN: The Frontier X2 is currently connected to another device (phone/watch/external HRM etc.)

BLINKING RED: The Frontier X2 is recording a workout.

STATIC RED: The Frontier X2 is charging.

ALTERNATING RED & GREEN: The Frontier X2 is completely dead and needs a continuous charge of at least 3 hours.

STATIC BLUE: This is a malfunction and the Frontier X2 needs to be rebooted. (https://fourthfrontier.tawk.help/article/rebooting-the-frontier-x-if-it-acts-abnormally)

STATIC GREEN: Extremely rare scenario. Please report this occurrence to us if it happens.

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