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USING THE Frontier Plus APP

1. Setting up the Frontier Plus App on your Phone

  • The Frontier Plus app is compatible with mobile devices with at least Android 6.0 and iOS 10.0 versions. For regional availability and additional device-compatible information, please visit https://in.fourthfrontier.com/
  • Install the Frontier Plus app on your device from either the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store, depending on your device.
  • After installation, open the App & create a Fourth Frontier Account by submitting the required information. After submission, you will receive a verification email. The app can only be used once you verify your email.

Note: If you do not receive the verification email, please reach out to us at support@fourthfrontier.com

2. Pair your Frontier Plus mobile app with the Frontier X device

Warning: Do not proceed with the steps below without following Step 2, as it will lead to a device malfunction.

  • Press the blue/red button on the Frontier X device
  • The device will start blinking blue. While the device blinks blue, go to the Home Screen of the Frontier Plus mobile application and click on “Connect” in the app's top-right corner.
  • Select the device ID of your Frontier Plus to connect with it.
  • The mobile application will retain the pairing information till the user manually clicks on the disconnect button or clicks on logout.
  • Once the device is connected, the blue blinking light will turn into green blinking light. Now you can wear the device and use the app to start recording, generate an ECG report in pdf format, or live-stream your ECG on your mobile phone.*

Fig: Connect Your Device

* Note: The Frontier X device connects to only one Frontier Plus mobile app at a time.

3. Recording an Activity without the mobile phone

If you are working out without your smartphone or smartwatch, follow the steps below to record an Activity. If you are working out with your smartphone or smartwatch, you can also start a recording on an external device.

  • Double-press your Frontier X device's blue/red button to start. You will feel a buzz, then the display on your Frontier Plus device will read “Recording Started”.
  • Double press the blue button to stop recording, and you will feel another buzz. The app display will show the words “Recording Ended”.
  • When the accompanying mobile app for the device is available, the ECG data collected will be transferred to the mobile app.

4. Recording an Activity with the mobile phone

Note: Carrying your Smartphone while the Frontier Plus app is connected to the device will allow you to view your Frontier Plus data in real-time and collect GPS data during outdoor activities.

  • In the mobile app, navigate to the “Activity” page and press the “Start Activity” button. Make sure the device is blinking green before you start the activity. The device will buzz you to confirm that the recording has started. The default Activity type will be ‘Active’, but there is a list of three types (‘Active’, ‘Rest’, and ‘Sleep’) of activities to choose from before starting an Activity.
  • To stop the recording, go to the “Current Activity” page, and click on the red “Stop” button. The device will buzz you to confirm that the recording has stopped, and ECG data will be saved.

Fig:Start Activity, Choose Activity Type and Stop Activity

Note: You can record a session on the Frontier Plus with or without transferring the data to the mobile app or the cloud as long as the memory on your Frontier Plus is not full. However, you need to transfer the data on your device to view Activity Summaries on the app or the detailed web report.

5. Viewing real-time data of your Activity

  • To view data during your Activity, connect your app to the device, and then navigate to the Current Activity screen by selecting the “Activity” button on the Home tab.
  • If the device is already recording when you connect your app, it will automatically navigate to the Current Activity screen, and you will be able to see your Heart Rate (HR) values updating every 20 seconds. If the “Instant HR Update” option is enabled from the Settings tab on the mobile app, the HR data will be updated every second.
  • If the alert for Heart Rate or Atrial Fibrillation is enabled, you will be able to see a pop-up message if the threshold is crossed or if AFib is detected, respectively.

Fig: Real Time Activity Data for Normal Rhythm, Noise and Atrial Fibrillation

6. Viewing the Activity Summary & Graphs on the Mobile App

  • After your Activity, when you connect the Frontier device to your mobile app, it will automatically prompt and begin to sync the data to the phone. If this automatic prompt does not appear, go to “Settings” on the right-bottom corner of the app and select “Get Activity Summary”. There is an option to cancel the sync before it begins or while it is going on if you wish to do so.
  • Once the syncing process starts, you will need to wait 10 to 15 seconds for data to be saved onto your phone. Once the sync is complete, you will be redirected to the History page.
  • On the History page, you will be able to view summaries of all of your recorded activities. It will also show a Pie Chart with the percentage breakup of different rhythms detected in the ECG of the Activity. The Rhythm types can be broadly classified into:-

<b>Type of Rhythm</b> <b>Description</b> <b>Colour</b>
Normal Sinus Rhythm Normal ECG rhythm with Heart Rate between 50 and 100 beats per minute Blue
Atrial Fibrillation Atrial Fibrillation present in at least 50% of the 30-sec segment Red
Sinus Bradycardia Heart Rate below 50 beats/min. This may occur normally for people who are physically fit, while they are at rest Light Blue
Sinus Tachycardia Heart Rate above 100 beats/min. This is perfectly normal if you are walking/standing or doing any activity Dark Blue
Other Rhythm Indicative of a section of ECG which was not Normal Sinus Rhythm Yellow
Noisy Signal/Not interpretable The ECG signal was noisy due to improper contact with the skin, or presence of artifacts, and could not be analysed Grey

Fig: Activity History and Activity Summary

  • When you click on a particular Activity, it will show you the “Activity Summary” of that particular Activity. This page will display the Rhythm Pie Chart with the percentage breakup of various rhythms and the average Heart Rate value. There will also be buttons to view the ECG Graph, Heart Rate timeline Graph, and GPS Route Map (if available) of the Activity.
  • To view the timeline graph, click on the red “Graph” button below the Pie Chart values of the physiological metrics. This will open up the detailed graph of your Activity, where you can see how the Heart Rate varied over time. Enable the alerts checkbox in the top right corner to view the alerts you received during your Activity. Click on the “info” icon in the top right corner to learn about the different types of alerts.

7. Syncing Data from the Device to the Cloud

  • Connect the device to the mobile app. The syncing process will begin automatically if you have any activities on your device that haven’t been synced yet. You can also manually initiate by navigating to “Settings” >> “Device” >> “Sync via Bluetooth” on the Frontier Plus mobile app.
  • If you wish to start an Activity or record your ECG while the sync process is in progress, a pop-up will appear requesting you to stop the sync process before you proceed.
  • Once your data is synced, you can visit https://app.fourthfrontier.com/ and log in with your credentials to view your ECG and detailed HR data.

Fig: Activity History, ECG-HR Graphs on the Web

  • To view the complete ECG data of an Activity recorded on your device, you need to sync the data on your Frontier Plus to the cloud.*
  • The new BLE sync feature automates this entire process. Once you complete your Activity, the sync process will begin in the background, and the indicator at the top of your screen will show you the progress. While the sync process is going on, you are free to use the app to view your data.
  • Once done, you shall receive an email and a push notification on your phone informing you about a successful data sync. Post this email/notification, visit your web dashboard (app.fourthfrontier.com), and all your data with graphs and annotations should be visible.

8. Live-streaming your ECG

  • To live-stream, your ECG to your mobile phone, select the Menu sidebar. Click on “ECG”.
  • If you would like to stream your ECG to view for yourself, click on “Start ECG Streaming”. Make sure the device is blinking green before you start the activity. You can exit ECG streaming by selecting Back.
  • If you would like to share your ECG in real-time with anyone worldwide, enable “Share Live ECG” and share the link with an expert or family member via email or other means. When you select “Start ECG Sharing”, your ECG will be streamed to any part of the world and can be viewed at the URL you shared.
  • The ECG Live Streaming will display the ECG Graph in real-time, along with HR updates every 1 second. If Atrial Fibrillation is detected in the ECG, it will be displayed as “Atrial Fibrillation Detected” below the graph.

Fig: Live-Streaming ECG


The Frontier Plus appʼs ability to accurately classify an ECG recording as AF and sinus rhythm was extensively tested per IEC 60601-2-47 and EC57 database testing. The Frontier Plus app demonstrated 98.5% sensitivity in classifying AF (HR 50-150 bpm) and 99.3% specificity in classifying sinus rhythm (HR 50-150 bpm) in classifiable recordings. The Frontier Plus app produced a visually acceptable PQRST waveform with a pass rating of 100% compared with the reference waveform. Additionally, the total pass rating for the R-wave amplitude assessment was 97.2% compared with the reference.


If you experience difficulties in operating your Frontier Plus app, refer to the troubleshooting guide below.

Problem: I am unable to do a recording.


  • Reboot the device and check if the device has at least 5% charge.
  • Double press the blue button and check if the device buzzes. If recording has begun , the red LED will blink intermittently.
  • Make sure step 1 and step 2 are followed correctly.

Problem: I have a lot of signal quality issues, noise or interference in my recording.


  • Make sure the Frontier X is snapped securely onto the strap and does not make any sound or feel loose when you shake the strap.
  • Please wet the shiny sensors on the skin-facing side of the strap under a tap.
  • Wear the strap around your chest, while making sure that it is as tight as possible, without feeling uncomfortable.
  • Test the signal quality before you start your Activity, by live-streaming the ECG on our mobile application. The ECG should look something like this: http://bit.ly/4fECGpreview​

Problem: The ECG waveforms appear upside down.


  • The device may be worn upside down. Make sure the blue button of the device is facing downwards while wearing.

Problem: I cannot connect my device to the phone


  • Check if device is blinking blue
  • Click on connect button in app and see if device is being displayed
  • If it's not being displayed try rebooting device
  • If the device is blinking green , maybe it has connected to the phone bluetooth instead of the app. Restart phone to clear caching and then try again.

Problem: I cannot sync my data to the cloud.


  • If sync fails Reboot device and click on sync again. If it still fails click on force sync (this option will go away in future releases)
  • If it's a long recording tell user to ensure there is sufficient charge and disconnection doesn't happen when device moves too far away from phone
  • If sync is complete and still ecg is missing is web , ask user to check reupload files in setting ad upload any unuploaded files



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