How is Frontier X2 different from Frontier X?

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The Frontier X2 is a smart heart monitor that will guide you towards better heart health and heart-safe exercise by analyzing your heart's electrical patterns and generating insights. This device measures your strain, heart rhythm, heart rate, breathing rate, and provides real-time alerts to help you optimize your exercise and lifestyle, to in turn maximize your heart's health and performance. Live-stream your continuous ECG as well as other health metrics in real-time, for remote training and safe exercise.

Improvements in Frontier X2:

1. Enjoy 3x faster wireless Data Sync, compared to Frontier X. Upload and view your heart rhythm within seconds of finishing your recording.

2. Faster updates for heart rate on all connected devices.

3. Ability to view your detailed ECG/Electrical Pattern within the mobile app.

4. Ability to view the data in the mobile app.

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