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If your device is not connecting or is not discoverable by the app, provided below are a few things you can try to fix this:

1. Make sure your device is near your phone and powered on.

2. Notice the colour of the led on the device. It could either be blinking blue (go to step 3) or blinking green (skip to step 4).

3. IF BLINKING BLUE, make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your phone and try again to connect by clicking the “Connect” button in the Frontier X App.

4. IF BLINKING GREEN, make sure the Frontier X2 device is not connected with any other device (phone, laptop, tablet, etc). Turn off the Bluetooth on any other nearby devices and notice whether the Frontier X2 starts blinking blue.

5. If it is now blinking blue, try to connect the device with the app once again.

6. If it is still blinking green, check if the device is connected to the iPhone or Android system Bluetooth. If yes, then go to Settings > Bluetooth, click on the info icon next to the device name and make sure you "Forget This Device" as shown in the image.

As a last resort, If your Frontier X2 is acting abnormally, press down the blue button on the device for five to six seconds until the lights go off. Release the button. The device will reboot, indicated by a succession of red, then green, then blue lights, and a short buzz. Your Frontier X2 should be ready to use as before.

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